Poker Training Software

Poker Training Software:

Using Software to Improve your Poker Skills…..

Poker Training Software can be used to greatly accelerate the learning process in poker. I highly recommend that beginning poker players practice using simulation software. Using simulation software to practice and learn is much better than playing against real opponents for free because there’s no incentive for players to play well when there’s nothing at stake. However, simulation software is programmed to respond and act like a real poker player who’s trying to win.

There are poker software training programs designed for a wide variety of games and limits. The obvious goal here is to find a program that will help you improve at your favorite game.

Poker Office: Online Poker Tracking Software & Poker Calculator

Poker OfficePoker office is an incredibly sophisticated piece of software for online poker players. The Poker Office Software allows you to track your opponents actions and moves as well as keeping track of every hand you play. It is a complete book keeping, hand history, and financial records keeping application that will let you analyze several different aspects of your online poker sessions.

The cost for Poker Office is a very reasonable $79 per year. Download the free version and check out all the features.

Texas Calculatem: Easy to Install, Advanced Calculator & Statistics

Texas CalculatemTexas Calculatem is a simple to use software program that attaches to the table you’re playing at, no need to input information manually. As you play, based on your hand and mathematical statistics, Texas Calculatem tells you whether to check, call, raise or fold. A great tool for all players looking to enhance their game and nail down various concepts.

Texas Calculatem is compatible with over 100 online poker rooms including Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker. The cost is $69.95, or get it free when you register to play at specific poker rooms.

Sit and Go Shark: Simple Software Built for New Players

Sit and Go SharkSit and Go Shark is a software package for new players trying to learn the game. Not as advanced as other tools, Sit and Go Shark is designed to teach players what to play and when. If you’re new to the game, this is a nice, basic tool to speed up the learning curve. Intermediate and advanced players will be dissapointed in the lack of options and statistical data.

Sit and Go Shark supports play on Party Poker and rooms on the Ongame Network. Players who sign up for Party Poker via Sit and Go Shark can download the software for free. Otherwise, the cost is $49.95.

SitNGo Wizard: Advanced Calculator & Advice for Sit and Go Players

SitNGo WizardAs the name suggests, SitNGo Wizard is designed to help players take their sit n go game to the next level. SitNGo Wizard uses the Independent Chip Model (ICM) to provide statistical advice on how to play your hands during later stages when the blinds get high. When should you push, when should you fold?

Sign up for Titan Poker or Lucky Ace and get the SitnGo Wizard for free. SitnGo Wizard also offers a 30 day free trial. Otherwise, at $99, the cost is relatively high compared to other training software. However, with a focus on sit n go tournaments, it’s a tool that all sit n go players can benefit from.

Hold’em Manager: Option Packed, Complete and Detailed Analysis Software

Hold'em ManagerHold’em Manager is an option packed program complete with a Heads Up Display (HUD) for highly detailed tracking and analysis. The software supports analysis for cash games, sit and go’s, and multi-table tournaments. Opponent play is also recorded, giving you the advantage against frequent opponents.

Hold’em Manager offers a 15 day free trial, with two purchase options. The full version has a cost of $80, while the small stakes version is just $55. Well worth the money.

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