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Why You Need a Poker Coach…

The simple answer is to get better, improve your game, make better decisions, and make more money. Some of the best athletes in the world have personal coaches, why shouldn’t you have a coach for Poker? Even Tiger Woods, unquestionably the best golfer in the world has a personal coach. No matter how good you are at business, a particular sport, or even poker there is always the possibility to improve, excel, and take your game to the next level. Personal Coaching has become one of the premier tools successful people use to live extraordinary lives. Why not apply the same principle to your poker game?

My Poker Coach has a comprehensive Poker Coach Directory. The Poker Coach Directory lists poker coaches who specialize in teaching poker players of all types and skill levels: Beginners, Amateurs, Aspiring Pro’s, and even current Professional Poker Players. The directory lists poker coaches who are available for personal face to face meetings, email correspondence and even phone calls. The directory has coaches in most parts of the world. Check it out and see which Poker Coach would be best for you.

Hiring The Right Poker Coach

Congratulations on seriously considering hiring a poker coach. Now that you have decided to hire a poker coach, the next logical question is Who ? There are actually quite a few, very qualified poker coaches available for players of all skill levels but you are going to have to be honest with yourself and ask some tough questions to find the best poker coach for your skill level and playing style. Some of the most important questions to ask are . . . . read more

Poker Instructional Videos

One of the most popular new forms of poker coaching is instructional videos. There are a couple outstanding instructional video sites which provide an incredible library of poker instructional videos. The instructional videos are created by world class poker players who log into an online poker site to play poker and record everything that takes place on their computer monitor. . . . read more

Poker Training Software & Poker Calculators: Choosing the Best Poker Calculator

Poker Training Software can be used to greatly accelerate the learning process in poker. I highly recommend that beginning poker players practice using simulation software. Using simulation software to practice and learn is much better than playing against real opponents for free because there is no incentive for players to play good when there is nothing at stake. At least simulation software is programmed to respond and act like a real poker player. . . . read more

Poker Strategy Forums: Participating in a Quality Poker Forum improves your Game

Participating in a Poker Forum is one great way to improve your poker game for little to no cost. There are some great poker forums on the Internet but many of them are filled with too many poker players seeking answers and not enough knowledgeable poker players giving quality responses. My Poker Coach has partnered with Poker Strategy Forums, a group of Las Vegas based Professional Poker Players and Poker Coaches who are willing to give rock solid advice and instruction to improve your Poker Game so you can make more money.

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